Communication on a different level

Let us be aware that in our digitized world, the promotional gift becomes a major media because it humanizes your customer relationship by offering a tangible and acclaimed gift by ones who receive it and use it. Since 10 years Citizen Green explores all means to supply different, attractive and eco-designed products, offering you a more sophisticated way of communication with your target groups. Have a nice journey into our world of promotional gifts.

Communication on a different level

Ecodesigned Promotional Gifts






Hats and Umbrellas

Commitment on transparency

To help customers to make meaningful and lasting improvements in their global footprint, this organism aim to :

Make sustainability performance measurable and benchmarkable

Make transparency a scalable and efficient process for both suppliers and buying organizations

Facilitate continuous improvement and innovation


Thanks to its main activities, ECOVADIS has a significant positive impact on society. Hence demonstrating leadership in CSR by mitigating its direct social and environmental impacts is an integral part of its strategy.

To do so, ECOVADIS endorses the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and annually communicates on its progress.

Citizen Green belongs to the TOP 1% suppliers among 25 000 listed.

ETIKEKO Evaluation

The ETIKEKO evaluation program allows in a simple and transparent way to measure realized efforts since 2007 on our products and factories.

We evaluate efforts on eco-conception of product (the Letter), from raw material the packaging, and on manufacturer, their social guarantees they can provide (the Number).

Origination of Products:

Euorpe - 10%


Asia - under control BSCI-37%

Asia - without BSCI control-38%

Commitment on legal standards and social norms


In a logic of continuous progress, we strengthened our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy and subscribed to the diversity Charter , for a non discriminatory human resources management, to the Responsible Suppliers Charter to build a sustainable and balanced relationship with our partners, and to the Global compact of United Nations, to make our corporate social responsibility progress.

Diversity Charter

The Diversity Charter is a written commitment that can be joined to ban discrimination in the workplace and makes a decision to work towards creating diversity. It expresses a company’s willingness to improve the degree to which their workforce reflects the diversity of society. The charter has been adapted and is established currently in 11 different European countries.

Responsible Supplier Charter

We make a commitment to build a sustainable and balanced relationship in a mutual trust frame, with 10 commitments to respect and of which we are countable. Global Compact Charter

We voluntarily undertake to work and to account for 4 main themes in an approach of progress and an exchange of virtuous good practices : human rights, environment, fight against corruption and respect for the international labour standards.


Environmental Standard ISO 14001:

The ISO14001 standard ensures good environmental management through management approaches aimed at taking into account the environmental impact of our activities, evaluating this impact and reducing it. 

We have taken the following actions:

eco-design of products

prevention of pollution

reduction of our consumption of natural resources

reduction of our energy consumption

reduction of our wastes

environmental education

involvement of our suppliers and subcontractors by encouraging them to adopt the same system.


The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) was established in 2002 by the foreign Trade Association (FTA) to establish a common global platform for all European companies wishing to comply with a management system for social and environmental standards. This is why we have joined it in 2010.

We are commited to:

incorporating the BSCI Code of Conduct in all our sourcing activities and transforming our procurement behaviour;

sharing the results of our audits with others;

considering the social performance of our suppliers as important as price, quality and timeliness ;

actively communicating about our activities because transparency is the key to credibility ;

actively demonstrating involvement on these issues by factories representing 2/3 in 5 years.REACH

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)

It is a European regulation which obliges to list, estimate and control, imported or market launched chemical substances. It enables to protect human health and environment against potential risks of such chemical substances.

We request from all our suppliers that our productions shall not contain forbidden substances (168 known) or maintain them at accepted levels. To verify it, we test products or request REACH compliance certificates.

Commitment on Service


Modern Warehouse with 5000 m² and 4000 palettes of gifts in Stock


We are carefull to quality of service and management of our transport partners.

100 % (air/sea /road) are certified :

ISO14001 regarding environment

ISO 9001 regarding quality

OHSAS 18001 regarding hygiene and safety


This departement is a specialist of printing in France:

By concern of closeness to guarantee short delivery times

By respect for the environment (fewer polluting back and forth between warehouses) 

We selected specialists of different technics such as screen printing, pad printing, embroidery, laser engraving, digital transfer, silk screen, heat transfer and direct printing.

Printing standards :

We use inks made in Europe, exempt of heavy metals in their pigmentation and corresponding to the DIN-EN-71 standards.

As part of our ETIKEKO® program, we eliminated 70% of individual packages to save resources and avoid as much as possible highly polluting end of lives (incineration).

As part of our Etikeko® programme, we have done away with 80% of individual packagings to save resources and avoid highly polluting end-of-life as much as possible (incineration).

For the most sensitive objects requiring protective packaging, we have developed more adequate packagings :

1- With the aesthetics of suitable box, because the container is sometimes as important as the content itself for the person opening a gift.

2 - With an appropriate vocabulary, because we want to educate and constantly reinforce the type of message that conveys the object you have chosen.

3 - With appropriate materials, primarily recycled cardboard or recycled polyurethane, because we want to save natural resources.

4 - With possible re-use of some of our packaging, because it can be used for shopping bags, beach bags, laundry bags, shoe bags or various holdalls. This allows us to offer 2-in-1 product and avoid a polluting end-of-life.

The ETIKEKO® programme was designed to help you understand the efforts we have made with our products and factories in terms of sustainable development since 2007.

It participates in the assessment of corporate social responsibility (CSR), «a concept whereby companies integrate social, environmental and economic concerns in their operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis».

8 % frequency of use

The assessment focuses on first use of the article and its solidity.


This assessment is difficult because even if a material is recyclable or biodegradable, it is not automatic that it can be subject to waste separation or composting. Material will be very often end up being incinerated. This leads us to apply a small part of the notation to this criterion. 

ETICECO Criteria

38 % product design

The assessment focuses on the choice of raw material. The note evolves according to its environmental qualities.

MAXIMUM : for raw materials from organic agriculture.

GOOD : for recycled raw materials or natural environmental materials (FSC, wood, bamboo, flax, hemp, jute).

INTERMEDIATE : for eco-designed materials designed to limit the impact on the environment, such as PVC-free coating or renewable energies.

23% Communication Education

User awareness is part of our mission. A presentation label with information about the material or energy used is attached to each product.

23% Unit Packing

The assessment focuses on the amount of immediate waste produced.

MAXIMUM : for products that have no individual packaging.

GOOD : for packaging in paper and recycled, and easily recyclable paper.

INTERMEDIATE : for easily recyclable eco-designed unit packaging (carton box) and plastic bags made from recycled or biodegradable materials. 

Factory Results - 2017 CITIZEN GREEN

Note: 1

The factory was audited by an external agency. It does hold a social certificate (f.e SA8000/BSCI-Social accountability).

Note: 2

The factory is ISO9000 certified (quality management), OHSAS18001 certified (health/safety anagement) or ISO14001 certfied (environmental management). It is therefore reliable in terms of its organisational capacity.

Note: 3

The factory has no certification and has not been audited by an external agency but adheres to our specifications (self-assessment with our own auditors and/or written and formalised commitment).

Product Result Citizen Green in 2017

ETIKEKO from 80 to 100 % / A / 59%

ETIKEKO from 60 to 80 % / B / 38%

ETIKEKO from 40 to 60 % / C / 2%

ETIKEKO from 20 to 40 % / D / 1%

ETIKEKO from 0 to 20 % / E / 0%

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